My Journey

In The Fighting Arts

I started training with sifu Richard Lamoureaux when I was 12 years old in the arts of Jeet kune do and Filipino martial arts and Kickboxing.

Then I started training with John Lewis in MMA/Brazilian jiu-jitsu and also kickboxing/and Boxing and wrestling. I studied under Mr. Lewis from white belt all the way till now I am a First-degree Black belt under him.

I was very fortunate enough to also get to train under Herut Tarzan and under him, I learned catch as catch can and Judo and wrestling with an MMA blend so I was very privileged to be able to have trained with unbelievable teacher’s all 3 men are Masters in the arts they teach.and I am willing to teach you the same way I learned. I have a unique style of MMA/Grappling.


David Howard
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